Sunday, July 4, 2010

From 20.4 to 15.6...

It's been 2 years since we last posted, and we've been wondering, over the past 2 years, do you think we as a country have progressed economically, socially and well 'politically'?

There are alot of questions that have been swimming in our heads. For example,

Should the fact that today's news showing our GDP dropping by almost 30% from 20.4 billion to 15.6 billion worry us? According to DBR here, quoting from an IMF report, we've gone back to 2005 GDP levels.

Should MOF's strong push for more personal debt control in 2010 be read as a sign that we're getting to a personal financial precipice?

Is the new ministerial reshuffle going to be more of the same (musical chairs?) or will it bring better accountability and some gutsy decisions to move the country forward?

So our question again... should we restart this blog? hmmm... Sound off on the Comments section below...

Very interested to see if people are still following this blog at all

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